Roof Leg Support

Roof Leg Support

Maxwell Floating Roof Leg Support Emissions Control Devices

Since Maxwell believes that all together, we can be beneficial to a healthier environment for both human, animals and vegetation, just by implementing our years’ experiences from the past with today’s research and development.


Sealing the support legs of the floating roof ensures the operational function of the legs sliding in the sleeves. Rainwater ingress will be eliminated and reduction of emission of hydrocarbons can be realised.


The Leg Tube Transition Seals are used on open-top storage tanks, often in situations where mixers are used. It reduces emissions from roof legs considerably, nowadays developing into a standard for tanks storing volatile hydrocarbons. It also ensures that the support legs remain operational by preventing rainwater ingress.

The locking pin can completely be surrounded by the Leg Pin Hole Seals, preventing the support legs from dropping down as a result of pin displacement caused by mixer vibrations.


The Maxwell Leg Socks (floating roof leg socks) are designed to prevent product loss caused by vapors escaping from floating roof support legs. Leg Socks also serve the important function of allowing tanks to meet environmental regulations. The interior and exterior of the Leg Sock work together to provide resistance against product loss as well as environmental effects from outside the tank.


The most commonly implemented Maxwell Roof Leg Support Emissions Control Devices are:

• Leg Tube Transition Seals

• Leg Pin Hole Seals

• Leg Socks