MRS-1/1000 Primary Mechanical Shoe Seal

MRS-1/1000 Primary Mechanical Shoe Seal

Maxwell MRS-1/1000 Mechanical-Shoe Seal (EFR Rim Seal)

Floating Roof Seals

With over 20 years experience of floating roof seals and drain systems for floating roof storage tanks our engineering team can adapt any of our seal designs to suit your particular roof configuration. In particular if you have tanks that suffer from tank shell distortion we can make a sealing system that will provide an effective sealing solution.

We can also quote & supply for replacement parts (retro-fit) for older types of Seals subject to suitable drawings being supplied by the purchaser.

All our Floating roof tank seals are designed to withstand environmental conditions, stored product, tank data including rim space data/out of roundness surveys & emission control.

Different types of seals & combinations are available to suit pontoon & double deck external floating roof tanks & fixed roof tanks with pan deck roofs or aluminium decks.

Floating roof tank seals normally fall into

3 different categories:

  • Primary Seal
  • Secondary Seal
  • Double Seal