MRS-1/750 Primary Mechanical Shoe Seal

MRS-1/750 Primary Mechanical Shoe Seal

Maxwell MRS-1/750 Mechanical-Shoe Seal (EFR Rim Seal)

Our Maxwell MRS-1/750 Mechanical-Shoe Seal, also known as a “metallic shoe seal”, is characterized by a metallic sheet (the “shoe”) that is held against the vertical tank wall. The mechanical shoe seal height is 750 millimeters (mm). The shoe is connected by braces to the floating deck and is held tightly against the wall by springs or weighted levers. A flexible coated fabric (the “envelope”) is suspended from the shoe seal to the floating deck to form a vapor barrier over the annular space between the deck and the primary seal.

Our Maxwell MRS-1/750 Mechanical-Shoe Seal is suitable for tanks without appreciable tank shell distortion or where the product stored is particularly aggressive. Unsuitable for distorted tanks shells or where shell coatings have been applied.
The MRS-1/750 can become equipped with counterweights or with a coil spring or
pusher bar system as the sealing pressure is more constant over time.

The most commonly used Maxwell Mechanical Shoe Seals either used as a single or
combined configuration are:
• MRS-1/750 Primary Mechanical Shoe Seal
• MRS-1/1000 Primary Mechanical Shoe Seal

The MRS-1 models can be combined with
• MRS-12 Secondary Shoe-Mounted Seal

All Maxwell EFR Rim Seals can be combined with;
• MRS-20S Secondary Compression Plate Seal
• MRS-25 Weather Shield
Finally, when the local requirements are pushing local terminals or refineries to add a tertiare or tertiary or triple rim seal, on request these extra rim seals can be provided by Maxwell.