Rim Seal Accessories

Rim Seal Accessories

Maxwell Floating Roof Rim Seals Accessories

Our Maxwell MRS-line of rim seals can be combined with seal mounted and integral mounted accessories, e.g. wax scrapers and foam dams.

Wax Scrapers, either Independent or Shoe or Integral mounted are used as add-on to Rim Seals to prevent contamination of your rim seals with scraped waxy products (like crude oil).

Foam Dam are commonly used in area where only a rim fire scenario is expected. Having your rim seal combined with an Integral Foam dam, on the long term will save you lot of maintenance work on corrosion of the upper deck.

Rim seal accessories
The most commonly used Maxwell Rim Seal Accessories are:
• Independent – or shoe – mounted wax scrapers
• Integral mounted foam dams