Floating Suction / Skimmer

Floating Suction / Skimmer

Maxwell Floating Suction and Oil Skimmer Systems

The Maxwell Floating Suction Lines and Oil Skimmer Line are internal piping assemblies that allows operators to withdrawal product from the upper levels of the medium stored in their storage tank.



The Maxwell Floating Suction Lines and Oil Skimmer Lines are using rigid articulated pipe (having one or more swivel joints or swing joints) are designed to travel in a vertical plane and prevent damage to the floating roof and the suction line through its design range of travel. Our Maxwell Floating Suction Lines and Oil Skimmer shall be designed so that the vertical plane is as close as possible to, and in no case greater than 10 degrees off a radial line from the tank centerline to the nozzle. Adjustments might be made to clear internal structures.

During the initial fill the internal floating roof should be checked to confirm that it travels freely to its full height. The high flotation level shall be evaluated for clearance and the floating suction (if existing) shall be compensated for the excess buoyancy that will be encountered during hydrostatic testing of the floating roof system.

During the first event of lowering the level from full height, particular attention shall be given to the floating suction to ensure proper operation.


The Maxwell Floating Suction and Skimmer Lines are available in standard sizes from 3” up to 24”. All our joints will be delivered with a test certificate.

Engineering details are provided upon request.


The most commonly used Maxwell articulated pipe floating suction systems are:

• Swivel Joints (Offset) & Swing Joints (Central)


The most commonly used Maxwell articulated pipe oil skimmer joints systems are:

• Flexible Hose Joints

• Swivel Joints & Swing Joints