Swivel Joints & Swing Joints (Floating Suction Systems)

Swivel Joints & Swing Joints (Floating Suction Systems)

Maxwell Swivel Joints & Swing Joints (Floating Suction Systems)

The Maxwell Floating Suction Lines are internal piping assemblies that allows operators to withdrawal product from the upper levels of the medium stored in their storage tank.


The fuel intake of the floating suction unit is positioned just below the free surf ace of the liquid level.

The area available for drawing fuel into the suction unit is arranged so that it faces substantially downwards, away from the free fuel surface to prevent a vortex from forming which could cause air or vapor entrainment into the liquid stream.

Being fully sealed units, contaminated fuel cannot enter the pipework via the joints. This eliminates the need for tanks to be drained and taken out of service in order to grease the bearings.

Another benefit of these joints is that they can only rotate in one plane and as such, the movements of the entire system are predictable, unlike systems which use short lengths of flexible hose which can become twisted in several planes.


With the Maxwell design there are many configurations available for vertical and horizontal tanks with fixed or floating roofs and outlets at the top, center or bottom, in sizes 3″ to 24”. All our Swivel Joint (Offset) & Swing Joint (Central) will be delivered with a test certificate.

Engineering details are provided upon request.


The most commonly used Maxwell articulated pipe floating suction joints are:

• Swivel Joint (Offset) & Swing Joint (Central)