Swivel Joints & Swing Joints (Pipe Drain Systems)

Swivel Joints & Swing Joints (Pipe Drain Systems)

Maxwell Swivel Joint & Swing Joint (Pipe Drain Systems)

The Maxwell Pipe Drain Systems are installed on tanks equipped with an external floating roof.

Maxwell provide a comprehensive program of drain joint used for reliable rainwater drainage from external floating roofs. The operating conditions to which the articulated pipe drain is subjected determines the requirements the joint must meet.


It is important to be aware of all operating conditions and the manner of drain installation. Like tank diameter and tank height, the stored medium, operating temperature and ambient temperature, operating pressure or vacuum and tank shell- and external floating roof connection.

Incorrect use may cause deform the joints installed.


The Maxwell drain joints are available in standard sizes 3”/4”/6”. All our drain joints will be delivered with a test certificate.

Engineering details are provided upon request.


The most commonly used Maxwell articulated pipe drain joints are:

• Flexible Hose Joint

• Swivel Joint (Offset) & Swing Joint (Central)