Alu Geodesic Dome Roofs

Alu Geodesic Dome Roofs

Maxwell Aluminium Geodesic Dome Roofs for storage tanks are innovative clear-span structures custom designed to each individual tank within the requirements of API 650 Appendix G.

Finding cost-effective ways to address the increasing burden of environmental regulations is a top priority for petroleum and chemical storage tank facility operators everywhere. Maxwell Aluminium Geodesic Dome Roofs are designed to assist in controlling hazardous vapour emissions while, at the same time, preventing water ingress from entering the storage tanks.

In doing so, our aluminium dome roofs improve the environment, protect stored products and will reduce remediation costs associated with treatment of contaminated “bottom water”. Ideal for both new construction and retrofit projects, Maxwell Aluminium Geodesic Dome Roofs are corrosion resistant, lightweight, durable and so an economical applicable for each Above Ground Storage Tank (AST). They can be shipped anywhere in the world and erected quickly, usually with no interruption of tank operation.

Advantages of the Maxwell Aluminium Geodesic Dome Roof

• Great emission control, bad smell and other environmental annoyances will be reduced to a minimum;

• Fire hazards can become reduced to nearly 0% due to the effect of the cave of Faraday, which guarantees a high reliability of operation;

• No supporting roof columns are needed, therefore no corrosion of the tank bottom will occur underneath the landing area of the steel columns as usually used within a steel dome or cone roof tank, so the tank maintenance period could be increased and savings in future maintenance costs will be guaranteed;

• Aluminium dome roofs often give a better total cost of ownership (where it typically looks like if aluminium dome roofs have a higher initial cost), this will gain savings in coming maintenance costs like coating costs. This comparison might not be applicable to self-supported steel-roof tanks with an ID of 20-meter (60´) or smaller.

Maxwell Aluminium Geodesic Dome Roof Structure

The Maxwell Aluminium Geodesic Dome Roof is a clear-span and self-supporting peripheral structure. Aluminium (more specifically an aluminium alloy) is one of the world’s most commonly used metals. Its lightness coupled with its strength, and excellent corrosion resistance are the main reasons for being used in the design of the aluminium geodesic dome roof and this non-corrosive property means that the aluminium geodesic dome roof can be used on tanks used to store most products. The Maxwell Aluminium Geodesic Dome Roof is a system of triangular, lightweight extruded profiles, normally from the 6000 series, which acts both in compressive and tensile force to resist load cases.

The diversity of profiles are connected through node points and this configuration works together in transmitting loads laterally to the integral tension ring and then through sliding or fixed supports to the tank shell and the tank foundation. The framework is then covered with an aluminium sheeting; usually from the 3000 or 5000 series, H16 Tempered. Because of the corrosion resistance of aluminium alloys, the aluminium geodesic dome roof does not require painting – EVER – and can be considered as maintenance free in this respect for the entire lifetime of the tank.

The Maxwell Aluminium Geodesic Dome Roof is presumed to be a fully bolted structure where no welding is required at site for its assembly and erection.

Next to this, the Maxwell Aluminium Geodesic Dome Roofs are fully compliant with the requirements of API 650 Appendix G. All components of the aluminium dome structure are made in aluminium or stainless steel. No galvanized, painted, or plated steel shall be used anywhere in the dome above the mounting bracket base plates. Dissimilar materials in the supporting structure shall be isolated from the aluminium dome by means of a compatible elastomeric gasket.

The entire structure shall be designed as a watertight system under all design load conditions. The flat surface design shall prevent water pooling at the joints using an integrated hub cover.

The aluminium closure panels shall be attached continuously along their edges to the structural members by means of clamping bars which engage the panels in an interlocking joint. This clamping bar shall also secure an elastomeric weather seal gasket that shall form a continuous watertight seal along the panel edges. The clamping bar shall fully encapsulate the gasket to prevent ultraviolet exposure.

Essentially any equipment that is usually seen on a conventional steel dome or cone roof tank can be fitted on the Maxwell Aluminium Geodesic Dome Roof, this without any significant modification to the equipment of the roof. We normally offer the following features in our standard design; free vented design with sliding supports and bird screen, gauge hatch assembly, access/manway assembly, centre free vent assembly and a skylight assembly

The Maxwell Aluminium Geodesic Dome Roof is normally designed with a maximum radius equal to 1.2 times the tank diameter and the minimum is 0.7 times the tank diameter, this equates to the ratio of dome height to tank diameter of about 1:6.

Maxwell Aluminium Geodesic Dome Roof Assembly

The Maxwell Aluminium Geodesic Dome Roofs can be assembled inside the tank and lifted into its final position with either a system of pulley blocks or a by a crane or external floating roof floatation lift.

When using the “jacking method” to erect the tank, the Maxwell Aluminium Geodesic Dome Roof is fitted on the top course and jacked up connected to and together with the shell.