Internal Floating Roofs

Internal Floating Roofs

Maxwell Internal Floating Roofs

Maxwell Continental Tank Serv Engineering has combined experiences from the past with their research and development, through which it has produced increasingly innovative products for reducing above ground storage tank (AST) emissions.

And it’s not just about the new and interesting, when old technologies and products are to be revitalised or re-used it always can be reviewed and when needed altered to be made more efficient.


When looking to the commonly used Emission Factor Documentation for example the AP-42 section 7.1 an internal floating roof tank has both a permanently affixed roof and a roof that floats inside the tank on the liquid surface (contact deck) or is supported on pontoons several inches above the liquid surface (noncontact deck).

For these requirements Maxwell can offer both deck types in different tailors made models.


The Maxwell Contact Deck Type Models


• MFC-HEXA   FC Internal Floating Roofs – Hex Aluminium

An IFR designed with aluminium sandwich panels with a honeycombed core, floating in contact with the liquid.


• MFC-BOXA   FC Internal Floating Roofs – Box Aluminium

• MFC-BOXS   FC Internal Floating Roofs – Box Stainless Steel

An IFR designed with buoyant box panels, floating in contact with the liquid.


• MFC-PANA   FC Internal Floating Roofs – Pan Aluminium

• MFC-PANS   FC Internal Floating Roofs – Pan Stainless Steel

An IFR designed with pan type panels, floating in contact with the liquid with or without the aid of pontoons.


The Maxwell Non-Contact Deck Type Models


• MSP-AL500   Pontoon Internal Floating Roofs- Aluminium 500

• MSP-AL750   Pontoon Internal Floating Roofs- Aluminium 750

• MSP-AL1000   Pontoon Internal Floating Roofs- Aluminium 1000


• MSP-S500   Pontoon Internal Floating Roofs- Stainless Steel 500

• MSP-S750   Pontoon Internal Floating Roofs- Stainless Steel 750

• MSP-S1000   Pontoon Internal Floating Roofs- Stainless Steel 1000


• MSP-H500   Pontoon Internal Floating Roofs- Hybrid 500

• MSP-H750   Pontoon Internal Floating Roofs- Hybrid 750

• MSP-H1000   Pontoon Internal Floating Roofs- Hybrid 1000


The Maxwell non-contact type decks consist of a deck laid on a grid framework supported above the liquid surface by tubular pontoons. The deck skin for the noncontact-type floating decks is constructed of rolled metal sheets. The overlapping sheets are joined by bolted clamping bars that run perpendicular to the pontoons to improve the rigidity of the frame. The deck skin seams can be metal on metal or gasketed with a polymeric material.”