Floating Roof Rim Seals

Floating Roof Rim Seals

Maxwell Floating Roof Rim Seals

Our Maxwell floating roof rim seals fall into two categories:

EFR Rim Seals (designed for external floating roofs)

IFR Rim Seals (designed for internal floating roofs)

Normally our Maxwell Floating Roof Rim Seals fall into three different types:
• Mechanical-Shoe seal
• Liquid-mounted seal
• Vapor-Mounted seal

Maxwell Floating Roof Rim Seals are custom designed to each individual tank within the requirements of API 650/653, BS 2654, EN-14.015 and EEMUA-159.
With over 20 years’ experience of floating roof seals and drain systems for floating roof storage tanks our engineering team can adapt any of our seal designs to suit your particular roof configuration. In particular if you have tanks that suffer from tank shell distortion, we can make a sealing system that will provide an effective sealing solution.

Advantages Floating Roof Rim Seal types
Regardless of the tank design, a floating roof requires a device to seal the gap between the tank wall and the deck perimeter. A rim seal, or in the case of a two-seal system, the lower (primary) rim seal, can be made from various materials suitable for organic liquid service. The basic designs available for external floating roof rim seals are (1) mechanical (metallic) shoe seals, (2) liquid-filled seals, and (3) (vapor- or liquid-mounted) resilient foam-filled seals.

One major difference in seal system design is the way in which the seal is mounted with respect to the liquid surface. Some floating roof rim seal types are having a vapor space between the liquid surface and rim seal. The Maxwell liquid-filled and resilient foam-filled seals are classified as liquid- or vapor-mounted rim seals, depending on their location.
Mechanical shoe rim seals are different in design from liquid-filled or resilient foam-filled rim seals and cannot be characterized as liquid- or vapor-mounted. However, because the shoe and envelope combination preclude contact between the annular vapor space above the liquid and the atmosphere, the emission rate of a mechanical shoe seal is closer to that of a liquid-mounted rim seal than that of a vapor-mounted rim seal.

For all requirements Maxwell can offer any design of floating roof rim seal type in different tailors made models.
Maxwell can also quote & supply for replacement parts (retro-fit) for older types of rim seals like SIPM, SR1, Wiggins and more.

EFR Floating Roof Rim Seals
The most commonly used Maxwell Floating Roof Rim Seals either used as a single or combined configuration are:
• MRS-1/750 Primary Mechanical Shoe Seal
• MRS-1/1000 Primary Mechanical Shoe Seal

The MRS-1 models can be combined with
• MRS-12 Secondary Shoe-Mounted Seal
• MRS-6 Primary Liquid Filled Tube Seal
• MRS-7/750 Primary Foam Filled Seal
• MRS-20P Primary Compression Plate Seal

All Maxwell EFR Rim Seals can be combined with;
• MRS-20S Secondary Compression Plate Seal
• MRS-25 Weather Shield

IFR Floating Roof Rim Seals
The most commonly used Maxwell Floating Roof Rim Seals either used as a single or combined configuration are:
• MRS-1/350 Primary Mechanical Shoe Seal
• MRS-7/350 Primary Foam Filled Seal
• MRS-60 Primary XPE Wiper Seal

All Maxwell IFR Rim Seals can be combined with;
• MRS-70 Secondary XPE Wiper Seal

Last but not least…
When the local requirements are pushing local terminals or refineries to add a tertiare or tertiary or triple rim seal, on request these extra rim seals can be provided by Maxwell.