Gauge Pole Well Seal

Gauge Pole Well Seal

Maxwell Gauge Pole Well Seal

Since Maxwell believes that all together, we can be beneficial to a healthier environment for both human, animals and vegetation, just by implementing our years’ experiences from the past with today’s research and development.


By doing so Maxwell can assist by contributing in increasingly innovative products. This all with the main purpose so the vegetation will be more capable in processing the amounts of CO2 out of our environment.


Various regulatory agencies are requiring slotted gauge/guide poles to become equipped with an emissions control system. The Maxwell Gauge Pole Well Seal is designed to significantly reduce hydrocarbon emissions from slotted gauge/ guide poles located on either external or internal floating roof storage tanks.


The Maxwell Gauge Pole Well Seal features a “low-profile; stainless steel sleeve containing a PTFE (Teflon) liner wiper. This liner provides excellent chemical and abrasion resistance and effectively closes the slots in the gauge pole. The sleeve completely seals off all the slots of the gauge pole, eliminating vapor emissions through the gauge pipe.


The most commonly implemented Maxwell Gauge Pole Emissions Control Devices are:

Gauge Pole Well Seals

• Gauge Pole Pipe Covers